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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 24, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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new this morning, the group occupy sf gets some support today from bay area religious leaders, who plan to march to downtown financial institutions in the city. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. plus, a big rig flips over on a major bay area freeway, snarling traffic and sending scrap metal all over lanes. and a pregnant woman, suspected of killing an east bay nursing student could go free from behind bars in just a matter of minutes. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning and thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. this morning, the occupy protesters are on the move in san francisco. the group, which has called the justin herman plaza home for the last few weeks is planning to
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march down, opposing corporate greed. christie smith, we understand some religious leaders are also joining this cause today. >> reporter: we've seen at least maybe four dozen of them. they just left from where we are, justin herman plaza, as you said, heading down market street. now, what they're telling us is that they've come together for causes before, but this is the first time that this interfaith group has come together to support an offshoot of the occupy wall street movement where protesters are camped out, as you said, at justin herman plaza. hard to tell exactly how many demonstrators are staying here for occupy sf. it's easily over 100 of them. the religious leaders are carrying a golden calf with them. they say as a sign of corporate wealth and greed. they say they're going to perform rituals.
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they are going to have a few of them do a short dance interpretation. they have a shroud, march iing the federal reserve bank and then three other financial institutions. >> very intentional movement to say we don't separate what we do in our faith, in our churches from what happens in politics and government. and so we're really here to lift our voices, to speak to power. and to make it known, this is not okay. the condition of america as it is now is nop not acceptable. let's change it. >> reporter: they tell me the last time they came together for a big cause, it was against the war in iraq a few years ago. they say their next move -- of course, they'll be coming back here to speak with fox after they return. it should be within the hour. then they say they'll get in touch with protesters at occupy oakland, who got a notice to vaca vacate, but are still there in front of city hall. they want to see what they need and see if they can provide it for them. they say they've brought some food, things like socks and
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clothing to folks here, and they may do the same thing for the people who are occupying oakland. that's what we have from here, reporting live in san francisco, i'm christie smith. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> joining forces across the bay. christie, thank you. a man in san jose is taking occupy movement to new heights. occupy san jose protesters perched himself on a ledge outside city hall. se sean o'kelly is the man's name. police say they're not going to force him to come down, but they will be keeping an eye on him to make sure he's safe. police say five people were arrested for camping illegally outside city hall about 3:20 this morning. one was cited and released and the others were booked into county jail.
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traffic is crawling through morgan hill after a tractor flipped over near cochrane road. the highway patrol says the trailer was carrying scrap metal when it flipped, sending debris all over the roadway. at first, all of the lanes northbound 101 were closed in that area, but now at least two lanes are back open while crews deal with the mess. so far, no word on the condition of the driver of that trailer. san francisco police say cocaine and alcohol are to blame for a car crash that injured eight people overnight. police say a van ran a red light at the intersection of 101 -- rather intersection of 10th and howard street and slammed into a sedan. fire crews had to use the jaws of life to pull people out of that sedan. two of the victims are now in critical condition. one woman is now paralyzed. another victim has a punctured lung. police say they found a significant amount of cocaine inside the van.
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both the drivers are suspected of driving under the influence. this morning, the pregnant woman accused of killing east bay nursing student michelle le could be released on bail. 27-year-old giselle esteban is expected in court to enter a plea and to find out how much her bail will be. she's accused of killing le on may 27th when the nursing student disappeared during a break from her shift at the hospital in hayward. esteban skipped a court appearance earlier this month on doctor's orders. she is pregnant and doctors said she was not well enough to attend. we're getting a look at a driver who allegedly ran a van into a motorcyclist and dragging him more than half a mile. 31-year-old eddie hall is behind bars. police say hall was buying a paratransit van in san leandro
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saturday afternoon on 580 when witnesses say he intentionally ran into a motorcyclist. police say they're not sure why hall did it. officers say the motorcyclist was riding with members of the hell's angels when he was hit. it is not confirmed if he is a member of the biker gang. it forced the closure of 580 for more than 12 hours. the violence, just the latest in a wave of bay area crimes linked to the hell's angels. meanwhile, police are still looking for the man who shot and killed a hell's angel member at a funeral in san jose. they got a tip that 38-year-old steve ruiz was hiding inside this house, but he never turned up. now investigators say they don't think he was ever there. he is accused of shooting 52-year-old steve tausan at the funeral of a local hell's angels
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leader. they believe that ruiz was beat up after that shooting, but got away. after shooting an armed suspect, the seventh officer-involved shooting in san jose this year. the man was armed, police say, when they were called to the extended stay hotel on brokaw road about 8:00 yesterday morning. police say they shot the suspect after he threatened officers. after further investigation, police determined the man was in costume for a halloween party and the gun he wasm carrying wa not real. no officers were hurt in the shooting. meanwhile, the number of homicides in san jose also on the rise. a fightver the weekend turned into the 37th killing of the year. a stabbing victim was found lying on the street at the intersection of virginia and vine avenues. doctors at valley medical center could not save him. hope is fading this morning that a kayaker will be found alive after capsizing in the san
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francisco bay. the coast guard says it's calling off the search for the 55-year-old man who went under near pier 80 this weekend. other kayakers say the man got caught in the current churned up by a tug boat towing a tanker toward the pier. the man never resurfaced. >> i turned out to watch how he was doing, oh, my god, tom, you've got to move. you've got to move. he was already out and under. >> the coast guard, along with san francisco police officers and firefighters searched the water for hours, but couldn't find him. they called off that search late last night. controversy on the campaign trail today. seven candidates running for mayor in san francisco are calling for an investigation into accusations of voter fraud. the target of the accusations, current san francisco mayor, ed lee. video footage shot in china town recently shows workers from independent group helping voters
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fill out absentee ballots. in some cases they allegedly filled out the ballots themselves. critic says the workers are supporters of ed lee's campaign and now they're asking the secretary of state and the department of justice to step in. >> it's outrageous, what's happened. we have a videotape that essentially shows workers, connected with ed lee's independent expenditure, telling people how to vote and how to fill out their balloughts. that's a clear violation of elective law. >> if i had heard that somebody was doing that on behalf of me, i would stand up and say that's absolutely wrong and i would come out and be leading the full investigation of that. >> lee's campaign did not return our calls from nbc bay area. a spokesman for the campaign told the chronicle what is seen on that video is not illegal. and the spokesman stresses the workers worked independently. they're not hired by the lee campaign. he says it's just a political hit against lee because he has such a commanding lee in t inin
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polls. firefighters in one city are hard to come by. officials say the budget and retirement are to blame. of the cities 631 uniformed firefighters and paramedics, only 35 are women. that equals only about 5.5%. compare that to 15% among san francisco's firefighting force. that's according to the san jose mercury news. officials say it's a combination of layoffs and the fact that 15 women have retired from the fire department since 1997. a new academy is currently under way and not one female is enrolled. a female firefighter has not been hired in san jose since 2009. we've got plenty of females on set this morning, though. turned out to be a pretty nice monday. >> and something that comes to weather when it concerns firefighters this time of year, we're watching for strong winds to develop.#h(t&háhp &hc
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already noticing that, as a matter of fact. let's take a live look at san jose. take a look at what these winds are doing. they pick up and they calm down and then they pick up. that's going to be the case as we head toward wednesday, the windiest in the forecast period. it will feel like someone has a blow drier on us, in the low setting. winds will be warm as they push from land to sea. development. you can see the winds have changed shift. that's a dry pattern for us. temperatures are really not as warm as they were this time yesterday because of the tog that did roll in. but that fog, just as quickly a northerly winds. to sea by the throughout the day today, what's left of your visible satellite imagery, of that low cloud cover will quickly dissipate by about, i would say, noon or 1:00 pm. full-on sunshine. 4 in oakland and 75 in fremont. we'll talk more about the winds and what that means for you if
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you are someone of fire-weather interest. and, of course, halloween getting closer and closer now. >> christina, thanks. rescuers searching for those trapped in the rubble in turkey. the mind and soul of steve jobs. many surprises coming to light from his biography released today, after the break. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs...
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national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ welcome back. right now, the death toll is still rising in turkey as rescue crews comb through the wreckage of a massive 7.2 quake. this morning, at least 270 people are dead and more than 1,300 are hurt after the quake rocked eastern turkey yesterday. the worst hit area is in eastern turkey, close to the iranian border. as many as 80 high-rise buildings reportedly collapsed yesterday, the town of 75,000 there. right now, dozens of people may
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be trapped under the debris and groups are scrambling to set up tents, field hospitals and kitchens to help the thousands who have been left homeless. official confirmation this morning of how libyan dictator moammar gadhafi died. it shows he died from a gunshot wound to the head. it's unclear how close the shooter was to the dictator when the deadly bullet was fired. there's been controversy after video footage captured the former dictator alive and pleading with rebel fighters for his life. pressure from the international community is prompting libya's interim leader to launch an investigation into the killing. specifically, they will focus on tracking down the shooter. some say he was killed in cros crossfire but others say he was shot by his own supporters to keep them from implicating him in human rights violations during his regime. more expensive internet
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addresses? here's scott mcgrew. >> i was talking with an internet start-up who said the liberation in libya has affected the price of internet. bought the rights of their names from the country whose code on the internet is ly, libya. apparently now that the government is more stable, the price of .ly addresses are going up. let's talk about steve jobs. the biography is on sale now. kindle and apple book users got it early before midnight last night. lots of dission about his absolute dislike for google. in fact, he's quoted in the book as saying, you know that mantra that's google's don't be evil, and then a bad word.
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he also said outside of search google -- one of the most popular books we've seen in a long time. back to you. >> part of job's lasting legacy, of course, is the iphone 4s, the last product to be unveiled before his passing. one of the signature components of the latest iphone is siri. that's the program that talks back when you talk to it. and now a berkeley man is paying a unique tribute to siri with a duet ♪ hey, siri what you're very beautiful than thanks beautiful i don't really like this arbitrary category well marry me let's just be friends will you marry me will you please marry me i'm not capable of love my agreement does not cover marriage i love you
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you say you want virtual existence i love you can we get back to work now okay ♪ ♪ everything's okay okay i'm okay if you're okay ♪ >> looks pretty darn creative. that's 29-year-old jonathan mann singing along with siri. it's not the first time one of his videos has gone viral. mann composes a song a day on everything from the economy to the latest tech gadgets. we are getting into some fire danger weather. meteorologist christina loren is checking that forecast. little windy out there, too. >> certainly we're seeing the start of these winds of change really moving in. is it just me or did siri have the better singing voice? 70 in sunnyvale live look at san jose. winds are blowing offshore, pushing this cloud bank, all that marine layer that was able to develop this morning, pushing back out to sea. we'll get a clear start, mostly
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clear in the city tomorrow and along the entire coastline. go ahead and take a look at weather headlines for today. not as warm with all that fog. and low cloud cover hanging on as long as it did. about 11:00 am on the dot in the city of san francisco. now we're getting that clearing, offshore flow strengthens for tuesday. drier air mass moves in. by wednesday, dry, breezy weather. that will be the day that we're expecting the winds to be at their strongest. right now, though, we're starting to see what's to come. a little foreshadowing. winds at the northeast at 9 miles an hour from gilroy, up to san jose. starting to see these winds shift. dry, northeasterly wind that really starts to make a difference when it comes to relative humidity readings and when it comes to fighter danger up the mountain passes. here is what we're expecting for today. temperature wise, ten degrees off from yesterday's highs. san francisco, 70, 80, redwood city and santa rosa. record-breaking warmth in oakland over the weekend.
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temperatures much cooler in that neck of the woods. as we head through tonight, those winds will intensify, even more so for tuesday and then windy, windy weather on the way for wednesday. nice and clear offshore. uniform temperatures almost. not that much separation between the inland numbers and those at the coast through the next few days. 78 degrees. breezy conditions really start to pick up tomorrow evening. and i think we'll see the windiest conditions early wednesday. by wednesday night, winds start to calm down a little bit. on the breezy side for thursday. this weekend, many people celebrating halloween early. friday, saturday, sunday, onshore flow returns cooler. low 60s back out at the coast. not a lot of change. if you are someone who has fire-weather interest, we don't typically see relative humidities in the teens in our local mountains. that's what we are expecting the next couple of days. >> at least for the
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trick-or-treaters, no rain in that forecast. thanks, christina. if you find an abandoned to d, be y.y.vedadane we'll exain, stillhead. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. welcome back. clear blue skies. the wind is expected to pick up this week. if you live near big basin state park, you could see smoke rising from the hills. again, officials say it probably isn't cause for alarm. calfire is continuing a controlled burn today in northern santa cruz county. crews will be on scene until that fire is completely out. san francisco police are going undercover to crack down on thieves stealing lap tops near city college, by dressing in plain clothes. they'll be carrying laptops in full view of thieves, but the laptops will be equipped with a
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low-jack gps system. if someone steals a laptop, a backup officer will move in. police say they're setting up the sting operation after an increase in laptop thefts in that area. are you hungry? f ga toad wolfed down tons wontons and, guess what, he won.
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welcome back. live look at san jose. winds are starting to pick up. you see both old glories, both flags blowing in the breeze. as we head throughout the next couple of days, those winds will strengthen. fully in effect, offshore flow. that means we'll see the winds pushing out from land to sea. clear start at the coast tomorrow. however, you want to keep in mind what we're experiencing now. dry, breezy weather. if you have fire-weather interests, we'll be concerned the next few days. keep that in mind, especially
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the east bay hills, santa cruz mountains as well. back to you, marla. >> thank you, christina. if you're about to head out to an early lunch, our apologies. this next story might do a number on your appetite. move over, joey chestnut. san jose has a new champ of chowing down. matt megatoad stoney in singapore. matt talked about his strategy before the competition. >> i tried to starve myself once, fasting. i'm drained by the time i come to the competition i try to keep a liquid diet and stay alive with energy and everything. >> stoney ate 210 wontons to win that competition, nowhere near the record set by joey chestnut, who ate 380 wontons last year. are you sick to your stomach? we hope not. thanks for being with us and join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. dinner's ready.
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